Escape Game Dr.Huang"s Time Machine, Mr.X. Shanghai.
Escape Game Dr.Huang"s Time Machine, Mr.X. Shanghai.
Escape Game Dr.Huang"s Time Machine, Mr.X. Shanghai.

Escape Game Dr.Huang's Time Machine

Players 1—12 players
Age Age restriction 8+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 120—150  ¥ per team

About the game Dr.Huang's Time Machine

Dr. Huang was performing a series of dangerous experiments in his manor estate and was believed to be on the brink of finding a way to suspend gravity and reverse time when he suddenly disappeared in a massive explosion. Mr. X was sent in by the government’s Office of Interior Affairs and now, he, too, is missing. We are sending in your team to manoeuvre your way through Dr. Huang’s manor, find the missing persons, and discover the secrets of the fabled Time Machine; but be warned, the explosions seem to be increasing in frequency, and the next one is estimated to be one hour away. Don’t waste your time; get to it!


NOTES:Communication is essential to avoiding accidents..

MAIN POINT:Use your memory when you can; when it’s of no use, use your imagination!

Photos escape game Dr.Huang's Time Machine


Address escape game Dr.Huang's Time Machine

Shanghai, 550 Jumen Road, Huangpu District, Puxi
4008 598 ... Show phone number

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