Escape Game Aokigahara, Lost HK. Hong Kong.
Escape Game Aokigahara, Lost HK. Hong Kong.
Escape Game Aokigahara, Lost HK. Hong Kong.

Escape Game Aokigahara

Players 2—10 players
Age Age restriction 12+
Time 45 min. to complete
Price 150—260  ¥ per player

About the game Aokigahara

Aokigahara, also known as the Suicide Forest, is a 35 square kilometre forest that lies at the northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan. The forest contains a number of rocky, icy caverns, a few of which are popular tourist destinations. Compass wouldn’t work as Aokigahara contains high mineral underground that changes the magnetic field in the area. Due to the wind-blocking density of the trees and an absence of nearly any wildlife, people tends to disorientated, got lost and die in the forest.

You and groups of friends were visiting Aokigahara Forest, one of your friend gone missing while you were taking photos at the entrance. Police wouldn’t able to start searching as there was a storm warning alert. You, as a scientist, decided to enter Aokigahara to recover your friend. Using astronomy knowledge you learnt when you were a kid would definitely help. Stay calm and don’t let those suicide story spooked you….

Photos escape game Aokigahara


Address escape game Aokigahara

Hong Kong, No. 15, Matheson Street, CausewayBay, Hong Kong (Entrance on Yiu Wa Street)
+852 289 ... Show phone number

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